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ATC 3D Design CNC Router Machine with 4 axis

US $27500.00 / Set

Product Details


Italy Spindle 
4 Axis cnc router is equipped with an ISO30 9kw frequency spindle with programmable speeds of up to 24,000 RPM.The spindle is fitted with ceramic bearings to withstand high temperature. It could rotate +- 135° on C axis.

Auto Tool Change Magazine&Unit (Optional)
Auto tool-changer magazine holds 8 pcs of units, will take the shortest path between any two tools, allowing the quickest change times possible. The tool-changer eliminates the need for the operator to stop the machine to change tools manually, allowing the program to continue uninterrupted.

Workpiece Hold Down
A matrix table and powerful vacuum pump, (up to 140m3/h, -85kpa) are used to allow the best vacuum hold down, this is essential for nested-based manufacturing.

Positioning Systems 
Linear motion is by rack and pinion on x and y, ballscrew drive on z axis. OMNI 4 axis  CNC router features 30mm or 25mm 20mm linear rail systems on all axis.

Control System 
International Advanced total new conception CNC control system. –PC Platform Control System -Waterproof design –Inner Open PLC, Macro –Auto File Saving Function While Power Off –Support MPG –Ethernet, USB Support

Driver and Motor 
Motors and drives are digital brushless AC Servo on all axes.

Optional Drillbank&saw 
Aggregates available include drill bank drilling and saw.

Optional Pop Up Pin 
We  offers material location pop-up pins for all Our CNC Router model machines. The pins swing below the table surface thus moving out of the way of the cutting path. The pins can be machined for precision pin alignment to the axis
of travel.


  • X Y Z  axis working area: 1300 mm*2500 mm*400 mm
  • C Aixs: +-135°
  • Table size: 1420*3040 mm
  • XYZ repositioning positioning accuracy: ±0.05 mm
  • Table surface: Vacuum and T-slot combined
  • Frame: Steel tube structure
  • Drive system X-Y axis: Rack and pinion
  • Drive system Z axis: Ball screw
  • Max power consumption: 4.2 KW(without spindle)
  • Max working speed: 20000 mm/min
  • Spindle speed:  0-24000 rpm
  • Working mode: Yaskawa servo
  • Working voltage: AC 380V (220V)
  • Command language; G code
  • Interface: USB, Ethernet
  • Operating system: Syntec control system
  • Software: UG, Alpha Cam,Type3, Ucancam

SPTA  (Spare Parts, Tools and Accessories)  for the machine

1. Tool kit  _________________________________________________ 1 kit

2. Collets  ER32 ____________________________________________ 4 pcs

3. Tool Holder ISO30 _________________________________________ 8 pcs

4. Clamps  for fastening workpiece  ____________________________  8 pcs

5. Kit of bits  ______________________________________________ 20 pcs

6. Brush____________________________________________________ 1piece

7. Allen Key __________________________________________________ 4 pcs

8. Spanner ___________________________________________________ 2 pcs

9. Sealing Strip _____________________________________________ 1 piece

10. Achor Bolt ______________________________________________ 6 pcs


Optional Accessories, click for more accessories :

Rotary Device: Indexed as 4th axis for processing column material.

Vacuum Pump: Holding down material efficiently than clamps.

Dust Collector: Strongly suggest you get it if you process wood and plastic

Mist Sprayer: Good option if you process aluminium, marine etc

  • Size Working Area(XY) : 1600*1800mm; 1300*2500; others
  •  Working Area(Z):  1000mm or others
  • Accuracy Positioning Accuracy:  ±0.02/300mm
  • Repeatability:  ±0.02/300mm
  • Control Part 3 Axis Control Motor:  AC Servo Motor
  • Controller: Syntec PC platform
  • Interface:  Ethernet, USB
  • Spindle Motor Output: 4.5kw (6HP), 18000RPM
  • Collet: ER32
  • Table Structure Material Hold Down: Vacuum Combined T slot
  • Traverse System Traverse System:  Linear Guide on 3 axis, Rack and Pinion onX& Y, Ballscrew on Z
  • Max. Traverse Speed: 45m/min
  • Max power consumption:   4.2KW(without spindle)
  • Power Source:  380V/3phase; 220V/3phase
  • Command Language:   G and M code
  • Software:   UGS, Alpha Cam,Type3, UcancamV9
  • Mechanical part of the machine ___________________________________ 1 piece
  • Spindle Motor 9 KW or other power  (is mounted on the machine) _______ 1 piece
  • CNC electronic control box _______________________________________ 1 piece
  • Control System _______________________________________________  1 piece
  • Vacuum pump  (for the vacuum table)_______________________________ 1 piece
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