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CNC Router engraving machine for stone

It is mainly used in stone , marble, granite, black stonge, bluestone, jade stone, crystal, glass, organic glass, Floor tile and ceramic tile, plastic, chemical synthesis board, PVC board, bamboo ware,aluminum-plastic panel, metal, etc

Product Details

It is mainly used in engraving stone, marble, granite, black stone, bluestone, jade stone, crystal, glass, organic glass Floor tile and
ceramic tile, plastic, chemical synthesis board, PVC board, bamboo ware, aluminum-plastic panel, metal, etc., line carving, 2D engraving, 3D engraving, 3D relief, Cutting, drilling, polishing, etc.
Main configuration:
# Working area: 1300*2500*300mm
# 5.5KW water cooling spindle
# T-slot table-water tank
#Leadshine stepper motor
#Weihong NK105 DSP control system
#X,Y axis gear transmission, #Delta
#stainless steel water tank
#Heavy duty body
#Standard box of tools
# Filter
Stone CNC Router Machine parts:
# Weihong NK105 DSP control system 
It didn't need to connect to PC. It included three parts: control card, U-disk and handle controller. When you set the toolpath by the software, then copy it to U-disk, then insert U-disk to control card, the toolpath will show in the hand controller, you can control the tool cut or engrave. This control system is easy to operate and learn, especially for freshman.
# 5.5KW water cooling spindle
One of China best brand Changsheng water cooling spindle, with better cooling and high precision
Sample show:
Packaging & Shipping of Stone CNC Router Machine:
Firstly: Packed the cnc router machine with plastic sheet for clearing and damp proofing.
Secondly: Then put the cnc router machine in the plywood case for safety and clashing.
Thirdly: Transport the plywood case into the container.
a.Hardware: 24 months on all parts and labor. During the warranty period,any damage of the machine parts(non-human factors) , send the machine parts for free.
b.Software: Whole life on update for free.
c.Maintenance and technological support: Whole life.
Payment terms:
1. T/T, 30% in advance, pay the balance before delivery.
2. West Union
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