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Stone CNC Router with good price for sale

New Design Stone CNC machine is designed for carving and cutting Marble, Granite, Quartz, etc. The stone CNC machine for sale with cost price now

Product Details

Features and advantages of Stone CNC machine:

1. Machine bed is welded by the thick wall steel seamless tube, high temperature tempering treatment, high rigidity, bearing strength better .
2. Dual stepper motor drive for Y-axis, moving stably.
3. DSP control with good software compatibility, suitable for Type3, Artcam, Castmate, Ucanam.
4. Constant spindle motor 5.5 KW power, strong cutting strength, high efficiency.
5. High precision rack transmission, fast speed.
6. Imported linear square guide way, double row four row slider, high precision, long life time.
7. Well selected electrical accessory, let the failure rate to the minimum.
8. With water and automatic water supply and cooling system.
9. Dustproof and waterproof design, better to protect the machine driving part.

Application of Stone CNC machine:

Applicable Material: It is mainly used in engraving stone, marble, granite, black stonge, bluestone, jade stone, crystal, glass, organic glass
Floor tile and ceramic tile,  plastic, chemical synthesis board,  PVC board, bamboo ware,  aluminumplastic panel, metal, etc.,
 line carving, 2D engraving, 3D engraving, 3D relief, Cutting, drilling, etc.

Applicable Industry representative Products:

Stone Industry: Stone, ink-stone cutting, tomb stone, jade and marble products.
Kitchen Ware Industry: Man-made marble cabinet table surface.

Artwork Decoration Industry: Wood crafts, gift box, jewelry box and other exquisite art crafts.

Woodworking industry: Chair, door, window, bed, cabinet, kitchen ware and other furniture; Redwood classical and antique furniture,
Exquisite European furniture, decorative products sculpture.

Mold Industry: Engraving copper, aluminum, and other metal molds;Building models, shoes, badge, embossed mould, biscuit,
candy, chocolate mould; Artificial marble, plastic sheeting, PVC, wood, foam and other non-metallic mold.

Advertising Industry: Billboard, signage, badges, logo, company plate, signs, emblem, badge, display panels, fair signs,
building numbers, signs of decoration, literal hole cutting etc.; 3D character cutting, acrylic cutting,
LED/neon channel, light box; Technical parameters of Stone CNC machine:

Technical parameters of Stone CNC machine:

Features of stone CNC router: 

Package and service of stone CNC router :

Q1: Installation and DebuggingCustomers can get detailed operation manual and instruction video of our stone cnc router .

We will make sure that customers can operate machines skillfully.

Q2: TrainingCustomers can get free technical training. Mainly training are as follow:

1. Software operation

2. Machine operation and maintenance

3. Instruction of technical parameters, as well as their setting ranges

4. Solutions for common problems

Q3: Equipment Maintenance

1. One year free maintenance, lifelong caring

2. Free technical consultant and software updating

3. Customer Service responding in 2 hours

4. Continuous support with software and hardware after free maintenance

Q4: GuaranteeThe guarantee period

shall be 12 months counting from the date on which the machine arrives destination port.
Except the damage artificially, we are responsible for offering the fittings free of charge during the guarantee period,
but you must send the damaged fittings to us by courier with your charge before we send back the alternative fittings to you.
After the guarantee of quality period, the parts required to repair or change, if any, shall be paid.

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