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Woodworking machinery CNC Router machine

Wood:can process cabinet,wood door,solid wood,plate-type,windows,table,chairs,etc. Decoration:screen,wave plate,hugescale hanging,advertisement plates,markings making.  Arts:can engrave on man-made stone,wood,bamboo,marble,acr

Product Details

Its widely used in wood engraving, wood cutting ,bamboo engraving, bamboo cutting, marble engraving , marble cutting ,duotone acryl engraving, duotone acrilcy cutting, plastic engraving, plastic cutting and metals such as copper engraving, cooper cutting and aluminum engraving , aluminum cutting. It can be also used for lettering, embossment, and characters cut in relief, etc.
1. Good rigidity, high precision, reliable performance, Durable in use.
2. The z axis adopts imported high precision ball screw, the smooth movement, ensure high precision machine tools.
3. X,Y axis adopt rack driving, running speed is three times more than screw machine.
4. Main configuration or chooses import, joint venture brand components, stable performance.
5. Table overall thickening, the whole cast iron large gantry.
6. Using domestic well-known brand water-cooled spindle, low noise, large cutting force,can ensure bulk processing for a long time.
7. The whole machine structure design, good to ensure long service life.
Machine parts:

Samples of woodworking machinery:

Packaging & Shipping of CNC Router Machine:
Firstly: Packed the cnc router machine with plastic sheet for clearing and damp proofing.
Secondly: Then put the cnc router machine in the plywood case for safety and clashing.
Thirdly: Transport the plywood case into the container.
a.Hardware: 24 months on all parts and labor. During the warranty period,any damage of the machine parts(non-human factors) , send the machine parts for free.
b.Software: Whole life on update for free.
c.Maintenance and technological support: Whole life.
Payment terms:
1. T/T, 30% in advance, pay the balance before delivery.
2. Through Alibi-Ali Escrow.
3. L/C
4. West Union
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