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CCD Camera Automatic Locating Trademark Laser Machine

Price :FOB qingdao 3850$-$5000

Product Details

 CCD Camera Automatic Locating Trademark Laser Cutting Machine With RF Metal Tube

Samples made by this machine :

Technical Parameter :

Machine Model

1610 Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

Working Size

1600*1000mm (L*W)

Laser Power


Laser Type

CO2 sealed high quality, water-cooling

Driving System

Three phase Stepping motor

Cutting Speed

0-40000mm/min / 0-1575in/min

Engraving Speed

0-70000mm/min / 0-2756in/min

Resetting Position Accuracy


Power Supply

220V/50Hz ( Optional 110V/60Hz)

Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity


Min. Shaping Character

English 1.0*1.0mm

Operating System


Graphic Format Supported


Software Supported

CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Tajima

Net Weight


 Features :

1. large -format laser cutting incision smooth fine, meet the blanking , machining the whole piece of cloth 

2. stable light path design, match industrial water -cooled machine, ensure the large-format, cutting the
position work surface laser power output is consistent, fast and efficient, stable machining quality 

3. automatic feeding and discharging , save time, improve working efficiency,
it can customized according to customer's demands 

4. feeding system adopts special words, pedrail automatic feeding device, convenient processing
objects move freely on the surface of the cutting machine 

5. to fully support design software, such as CAD, CORELDREW, PHOTOSHOP,
friendly man-machine interface,live close to the industry needs 

6. the machine used in clothing, textiles , leather and other industries, 
mainly used for plate, coth, leather, and other non-metal materials 

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