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Portable fiber laser marking machine for metal and non-metal

laser marking machine for metal and non-metal

Product Details

1.High-tech,and it can make on both metal and non-metal.
2.Self-clean system
3.Lifetime over 100000hours.
4.Accuracy and speed is very well.
5.This fiber laser marking machine price is economic and reasonable.
Description parameter
Marking area 110*110mm(option:150*150mm,200*200mm,300*300mm)
Laser power  20w(option:10W,30W,50W)
Marking speed ≤8000mm/S
Max.Marking Depth ≤0.4mm
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Marking lines 1-10 marking lines(in the marking area)
Minimum line width 0.01mm
Minimum character 0.15mm
Resolution ratio 0.01mm
Repeatability accuracy ±0.002mm
Operating temperature 5-40℃
Unit Power ≤1.2KW
Graphic format supported BMP,JGP,PNG,DXF, etc.
Supply Voltage 110V/50HZ/10A

Sample pictures
 Packaging and delivery
Delivery Time Within 7 working days for production after getting the payment
Warranty Time 2 years (replace parts during warranty(no human reason))
Packaging  Firstly,Packed the machine with plastic sheet for clearing and damp proofing.
Secondly, Then put machine in the plywood case for safety and clashing.
Thirdly, Transport the plywood case into the container.

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