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UV fiber laser marking machine for glass and plastic bags

UV fiber laser marking machine US $6,800-24,000 / Sets

Product Details

Cheap price high quality UV fiber laser marking machine for glass and plastic bags

Technical Parameter:

Item Name Parameter
Laser power 3W 5W 10W
Laser wavelength 355nm
Laser type UV laser source
Beam diameter ≤ 8 mm
Repeat frequency 20KHz-200KHz 
Pulse width under 15ns
Marking depth 0.01-0.3mm
Marking area 70×70mm/110×110mm/175×175mm
Rated power consumption 300W 500W 800 W
Operating voltage 110V- 240V/50-60Hz/15A
Cooling Water Cooling
Packing size 1200*1100*1200 mm (L*W*H)
Gross weight  160 KG
Package Standard export wooden case


Product Description:

• Stable output of power and pulse width

• Excellent beam quality, M²<1.2

• High beam pointing stability

• Wide repetition rate range:20-200kHz

• Controllable with RS232 interface

• Unique Intracavity frequency doubling technology.


Purple light UV laser marking machine takes 355nm pumped purple light laser device as the light source
and take advantage of previous generations machine to gain smaller diameter of focusing spot and fine marking effect.

The metal absorb purple light higher than infrared and therefore more suitable for marking on metal
and glass materials compared with infrared pump machine. Narrower pulse width of laser makes a shorter time of processing on materials,
thus the materials avoid being deformed or burnt due to thermal.
With smaller heat affected area and more beautiful marking effect, our products can meet customer’s demand of higher marking requirements.




1. It is widely used in electronic components, battery chargers, electric wire, computer accessories,
mobile phone accessories (mobile phone screen, LCD screen) and communication products.


2. Automobile and motorcycle spare parts, auto glass, instrument appliance, optical device, aerospace,
military industry products, hardware machinery, tools, measuring tools, cutting tools, sanitary ware.


3. Pharmaceutical, food, beverage and cosmetics industry.


4. Glass, crystal products, arts and crafts of surface and internal thin film
etching, ceramic cutting or engraving,clocks and watches and glasses.


5. It can be marked on polymer material, majority of the metal and non-metallic materials for
surface processing and coating film processing, previous to light polymer materials, plastic, fire prevention materials etc..


Speedy Samples:



UV laser marking machine Product features:

1. Adopting doubling technique of intracavity frequency has greatly improve the stability of laser.

Design on laser cavity adopts a series of optimization method, so as to ensure the beam quality as the fundamental mode.


2. The machine takes 355nm pumped purple light laser device as the light source.

Narrower pulse width and smaller heat affection contribute to generate peak power.


3. Higher pulse stability, namely better pulse consistency of laser produces the same carving effect,
so it’s very suitable for precision marking. Higher pulse repetition frequency meets the need of quick marking and high production efficiency.


4. High efficiency of the photoelectric conversion and long service life.


5. Automatic in a rotary table (optional item), convenient feeding, fast speed, high efficiency.


6. It can support logos and graphs designed in DXF format from Auto-CAD, PLT, BMF, AI, JPG, etc.


7. It can mark date, bar code and two-dimension code automatically.


8. Superior performance, good stability, high conversion rate and low energy consumption.



After-sales service:

Every machine in the detection process, through specialized testing equipment and   
facilities, before machine out of our factory machine text 24 hours. 

  1. 7/24 hours service is available to each customer. And if any technical questions or problems,
    our engineers will help you and give you solutions on the phone or by face-to-face communication online.

  2. 2 years quality Warranty from customer receive machine.Company have built life-long correspondence files.

  3. Spare parts are supplying on time or doing some inventory if promising certain sales volume.


 Training to Customer:

We will supply with the machine operation manual in English version.

For installation and operation, including introduction for the composing of equipment,     
working principle of equipment, common knowledge of computer, controlling principle of  electric devices,daily maintenance measures of equipment.

User can dispatch representatives to our factory for 1-2days training.We are responsible for training them free of charge.


Available Types:

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